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The geometric gestures of this decorative area rug collection recall the distinctive shapes of the American Modern Art movement. The iconic perspectives of impressionist and expressionist painters are reflected in each area rug, turning every interior floor into a contemporary art exhibition. Hand tufted with unparalleled care and craftsmanship from the finest wool fibers, each modern floorcovering offers the softest of hands with an unsurpassed shine.

Size Actual Size
2'x3' 2'-0" x 3'-0"
2'x8' Runner

2'-6" x 8'-0" Runner

2'x12' Runner

2'-6" x 12'-0" Runner

3'x5' 3'-6" x 5'-6"
5'x8' 5'-3" x 8'-0"
6' Round

5'-9" x 5'-9" Round

8'x10' 7'-6" x 9'-6"
8' Round

7'-9" x 7'-9" Round

8'x11' 8'-0" x 11'-0"
9'x13' 9'-6" x 13'-6"


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