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About the Arizona Rug Company

Arizona Rug Company's principals have been associated with fine genuine hand made rugs since early 1950's, and its two Arizona superstores have been providing the highest level of exquisite rug products and services to its Arizona customers since 1993.


Our north Scottsdale location is conveniently located in the heart of southwest's largest and the finest furniture and design district directly on North Scottsdale Rd. in the prestigious Zocallo Furniture Plaza. Our Tempe superstore is conveniently located off of I-10 and Elliot Rd., off of Priest Drive.

We offer fine authentic Persian rugs, Southwest Area rugs, Traditional and affordable domestic area rugs in the latest styles, designs, qualities, and color combinations. All area rugs are suited for all tastes and decors and are imported from all four corners of the globe. 

Scottsdale Store


Tempe Store


PV Store


In 1996, the prestigious "Oriental Rug Retailers of America" declared Arizona Rug Company as THE RETAILER OF THE YEAR, and again THE RETAILER OF THE DECADE for 1990-2000.

Arizona Foothills Magazine awarded the title of BEST OF OUR VALLEY to Arizona Rug Company for 2013, 2014 and 2020!

We are proud that over 200,000 homes in Arizona, and throughout the US and Canada have happily selected Arizona Rug Company as their favorite choice for decorating their fine homes with our fine rugs. Our state of the art showroom decor, with most of the inventory conveniently displayed on our extensive ARM RACK system will make your shopping a pleasant experience.

Arizona Rug Company has its own in-house expert designers, helping our customers select perfect rugs for their homes. For your 100% satisfaction, all your rug selections can be TRIED OUT on your floors before any sales are finalized.

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