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Combining plush comfort with practical design, this sumptuous low-pile shag area rug collection makes a chic statement beneath coffee tables and couches. The wonderfully soft surface of this shaggy rug is made from silken polyester fibers that offer enduring luster and the ultimate indulgence underfoot. Hand tufted with care for long-lasting luxury, this is a decorative area rug assortment that you can really sink your feet into.

Size Actual Size
2'x3' 2'-0" x 3'-0"
2'x8' Runner

2'-3" x 8'-0" Runner

3'x5' 3'-0" x 5'-0"
4' Round

4'-0" x 4'-0" Round

5'x7' 5'-0" x 7'-0"
8'x10' 8'-0" x 10'-0"
9'x12' 9'-0" x 12'-0"


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