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Choose the size of your desired rug to show price

With the texture of a hand knotted rug, our Chandler collection uses exceptional printing technology to get the look without costing you a fortune. Techniques like overdyeing modernize more traditional prints, while vivid colors breathe new life into the patterns. Featuring a natural fringe that’s rare in a machine-made rug is proof of its superior craftsmanship.

Size Actual Size
2'x3' 2'-0" x 3'-0"
2'x8' Runner

2'-3" x 7'-6" Runner

4'x6' 4'-0" x 6'-0"
5'x8' 5'-6" x 8'-6"
8'x10' 7'-6" x 9'-6''
9'x12' 9'-6" x 12'-6"


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