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Centuries of artisanal craftsmanship are woven into the ornamental patterns of this traditional area rug collection. Every inch of the handmade floorcoverings feel like a vintage tapestry with Old World palmette, flower, vine and boteh motifs that reflect the rugs’ decorative beginnings. Hand knotted from natural wool fibers, each distinctive design within the classical rug assortment tells a story rooted in antiquity.

Size Actual Size
2'x3' 2'-0" x 3'-0"
3'x5' 3'-9" x 5'-9"
5'x8' 5'-6" x 8'-6"
8'x10' 7'-6" x 9'-6''
9'x12' 8'-6" x 11'-6"
9'x13' 9'-6" x 13'-6"


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