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Choose the size of your desired rug to show price

The abstract design of this modern area rug collection is an exuberant expression of tone and texture. Hints of traditional carpet patterns play out beneath splashes of white and bold black striations, artfully crafted in a curated palette of grayscale shades. A blend of silky viscose and polyester fibers invite you to slip into something more comfortable for the floor, their delicate threads and smooth hand shimmering beneath living room light with subtle luster.

Size Actual Size
2'x3' 2'-0" x 3'-0"
2'x8' Runner

2'-6" x 8'-0" Runner

2'x10' Runner

2'-6" x 10'-0" Runner

3'x5' 3'-3" x 5'-3"
4"x6" 4'-0"x 6'-0"
5'x8' 5'-0" x 8'-0"
8'x10' 8'-0" x 10'-0''
9'x12' 9'-0" x 12'-0"
10'x13" 10'-0" x 13'-1"


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